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Leo Monhemius
We contribute to the performance of our customers by supporting their  Process Excellence Programme, (PEX).  Does your Process Excellence programme stall? Everyone is trained but still you have to pull? Major projects always exceed 6 months, small projects exceed 3 months? Maybe you want to start a programme, but cannot find a simple way? You may have started with big problems, in order to see immediate results? (it may be too slow) Sometimes smaller, but realistic problems are chosen. (but results are not sufficient) By choosing Lean, you hope for a miracle with many small improvements. (but now major issues remain) Finally, attention can be so focussed upon cost reductions, that basic process controls are neglected. (this may result in high avoidable costs) Our Hypothesis:   Each Process Excellence Programme should continuously change itself in order to be prepared for the next bottleneck to show up. The adaptive capability of the programme itself will restrain the speed of change for the organisation. We are ready to support you in keeping your programme viable: As a coach for the programme manager. As a reflection for the managementteam. And as a source for new approaches if needed. We always focus on the actual bottleneck. Our Style: If the management takes responsibility for the company culture and employee perception, the results will be communicated as "expected" like hope for harvest. (Good side of the thin barrier, management and employees remain on the same side.) By this way of thinking, employees will drop their individual craftsmanship defense systems. (Like estimating budget and time with a safety margin, in order to survive squeeze that is bound to come next.) At the same time though, they will be fiercely resisting reductions below the responsible levels. (Instead of just letting it happen and loose engagement.) However, if management gives water to the roots (budget, salary) with the direct expectation of benefits, it will be perceived as "demanding" results like requiring a toll. (Wrong side of the thin barrier, management and employees become adversaries.) Pushing over this limit will disengage employees, if in the future costs of non quality show up? “I told you this could happen ! ”  Even more, if employees resist to urgent change, would that be judged as non-cooperative behavior? Employees are pushed instead of pulled; a violation of a Lean principle.
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